The idea of a Mr. Mom is still pretty convoluted.

The myth of the stay-at-home dad

Saving for a rainy day proved prescient for one writer.

How my emergency fund saved me after I got the pink slip

Money, as usual, is a key factor.

The psychology of bribery and corruption

You haven't aged a day.

Don't change a thing: 8 inventions that never needed updating

Make Thanksgiving a little less fussy.

Ina Garten's make-ahead Thanksgiving advice

Make sure you actually need purchases, and aren't just buying for the thrill of more points.

7 tricks for getting the most out of your credit card points

Parts of Iraq are becoming increasingly reliant on shari'a.

Why Middle Eastern governments must stop playing the shari'a card

Tallahassee police investigate a shooting at FSU.

10 things you need to know today: November 20, 2014

The Idea Factory
Twitter's network is growing just fine.

How network effects explain the future of Twitter

Captured: A photo blog
The Open Road

An ode to the great American road trip

Shinzo Abe won a general election on a mandate to grow Japan's economy.

Why you should care about the fate of Abenomics

See? Nothing to hide.

The Week contest — You're Putin me on

Things are going to start looking up, so grab hold. 

Why you should be getting ready to ask for a raise

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