1. Cocoon Cotton TravelSheet ($36)

Worried that the hotel staff didn't change the linens before you checked in? Travel with this quality sleep sack, which seals with Velcro to become a snug rectangular cocoon. Also available in 100 percent silk. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Aire Breath Analyzer ($99 for pre-order)

Sometimes it's the bacteria you're carrying that matters. This breath analyzer promises to help diagnose digestive problems by measuring the gases released by bacteria in your gut. It might even work. Buy it at Food Marble.

3. Taymor Magnetic Soap Holder ($25)

Keep your bar soap free from slimy runoff — and who knows what else — with this countertop stand. Just press the magnetic disc into the soap and it will cling to the magnet on the underside of the holder. Buy it at Amazon.

4. UV Towel Dryer Hanger ($106)

Damp, mildewy hand towels are the worst. Once you've washed your hands using your scum-free bar of soap, dry them on a fresh, fluffy towel that's been sanitized by this hanger's UV lights. Buy it at Japan Trend Shop.

5. PhoneSoap 2.0 ($60)

Disinfect your smartphone every time you recharge it. This book-size container bathes the phone with ultra-violet light to zap away all germs. And it'll do the same for anything else that fits inside. Buy it at PhoneSoap.com.

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