1. Cabeau Evolution Cool Pillow ($65)

Firmer than a bead-filled pillow but softer than an inflatable, this neck pillow combines sculpted memory foam with cooling air vents. It's "by far" the most comfortable option around, says Brandt Ranj at Business Insider, and it packs down tight when not in use. Buy it at Amazon.

2. The ShelfPack ($348)

Say hello to "the portable closet of your dreams," says Suzy Strutner at The Huffington Post. Developed by a well-traveled software engineer, the ShelfPack holds a "staggering" number of folded clothes between its built-in shelves. Zip it open, and the expanding shelves set up in a snap. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Hunter QLS03 Humidifier ($35)

If the dry air in a typical hotel room bothers you, tuck Hunter's petite humidifier into your suitcase, then set it up on your nightstand. Its tank is a regular water bottle, so all you need to pack is the base. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Avegant Glyph ($500)

Stop craning your neck to watch movies on a tiny screen. This contraption projects HD content straight at your eyes, "so it's like you're watching a 40-inch flatscreen," Tech Crunch reports. Surprisingly, you only have to shift your eyes to see what's happening around you. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Tumi Patrol Packable Puffer Jacket ($195)

Tumi's lightweight puffer can be rolled and stuffed into a small pouch hidden in the collar. It's basically a wearable headrest. The editors at Conde Nast Traveler ask: "What savvy business traveler wouldn't want to pack this?" Buy it at Amazon.

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