1. H&M Patterned Kimono ($80)

A well-chosen robe might be the easiest way to make the pajamas-as-eveningwear trend your own. If you ever pair a black top with simple black pants, this affordable kimono is "100 percent applicable to your everyday style," says Justine Carreon at Elle. Buy it at H&M.

2. PJ Harlow Jolie Satin Pant (about $60)

Here is loungewear that any woman can wear with confidence all day. The cut is flattering, and the silk-like material "adds the requisite hint of polish," said Sadie Stein at New York magazine. Pull on a sweater and "you can even answer the door with-out shame." Buy it at Amazon.

3. F.R.S. Armonia Silk-Twill Jacket ($935)

A big step up, this silk jacket comes from an Italian brand whose initials signify "for restless sleepers" and whose fabrics, patterns, and rich colors "call to mind life in a Medici palazzo," said Robin Givhan at The Washington Post. It pairs well with a cropped pant. Buy it at Net-a-porter.

4. Sleepy Jones Marina Shirtdress ($239)

Co-founded by Andy Spade, Sleepy Jones specializes in nightwear that could double as a daily uniform. This piece's crisp lines and bold hue will have you "looking like a character straight out of a Wes Anderson movie," says Tanisha Pina at Racked. Buy it at Sleepy Jones.

5. Fleur du Mal Pajama Jumpsuit ($595)

Fleur du Mal pajamas are created to be worn as street fashion — with the structure and lining you expect from high-end attire. This easy silk jumpsuit asks only one thing of you, and that's to accessorize. Buy it at Amazon.

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