1. Sno-Go Ski Bike ($1,699)

"If you're looking for a new toy to hit the slopes this season, look no further," writes Bless This Stuff. Stand on the rear two skis, grab the handlebar, and point the Sno-Go downhill. The experience "blends the thrill of skiing with the ease of riding a bike." Buy it at Sno-Go.

2. Crescent Moon EVA Snowshoes ($159)

These innovative snow­shoes, made of foam instead of aluminum, weigh in at just 3.5 pounds. The curved shape encourages running, while the hard cleats "bite into icy terrain, providing plenty of grip." Buy them at Amazon.

3. Snowfeet ($135)

Skis might look primitive after you've seen someone fly down a mountain in Snowfeet. "Like mini-toboggans for your boots," the one-size-fits-all strap-ons glide over packed snow. Where the ground levels out, they function like boots or skates. Buy them at Snowfeet.

4. Defiant One Electric Bicycle ($3,299)

"Ten years ago, this rig would have seemed wildly far out," says Men's Journal. Yet here it is: a commuter-friendly mountain bike with 4-inch-wide snow tires and a 500-watt motor that'll push even a Duluth 9-to-5–er to 20 miles per hour. Buy it at Defiant Bicycles.

5. Wham-O Arctic Force SnowballBlaster Pro ($55)

Next time you're challenged to a snowball fight, bring "the biggest and baddest weapon available." The SnowballBlaster Pro holds three snowballs, and its slingshot mechanism can launch each one up to 80 feet. Buy it at Amazon.

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