1. Piaggio Vespa Elettrica ($7,375)

A new era for electrical scooters will dawn when the first battery-powered Vespa arrives in the U.S. in early 2019. The Elettrica is pricey even by Vespa standards, but it should be unusually quick and "ideal for dodging traffic while looking amazing." Buy it at Vespa.

2. MyloElectric Scooter ($1,495)

The odd-looking electric bike shown below could be any commuter's last-mile solution. It "folds like a piece of origami" until its three wheels line up, and the 46-pound package can be easily wheeled onto a train or elevator and tucked into a cubicle. Shipping begins in December. Buy it at Pim Bicycles.

3. Montague Paratrooper Pro ($995)

Montague's clever folding bikes have a standard-size frame, and the coolest model in the line was designed to be carried on the backs of Marines who leap from planes. It has 27 speeds, weighs just 32 pounds, and is "a joy to ride." Buy it at Amazon.

4. Yuba Bikes Supermarchè ($2,799)

California-based Yuba builds a range of cargo bikes that make every trip to the supermarket more fun. The pedal-powered front-loader below is shown with a $320 cargo box attachment, and you can also outfit the bike to safely haul three kids. Buy it at Yuba Bikes.

5. Scrooser ($5,999)

Electric scooters are huge in some cities right now, but few offer the minimalist appeal and fat-tire stability of the German-made Scrooser. It's built so you can ride it sitting or standing. Power kicks in when you push off, and speed tops out at 15.5 mph. Buy it at Scrooser.

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