This week's question: An Ohio brewery worker who gave up food for Lent and drank only hearty craft beer claims he lost 44 pounds on his diet and has never felt better. If Del Hall were to write a beer-only diet book, what title could he give it?

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THE WINNER: "The Pale Ale-eo Diet"
Nancy Henn, Piedmont, California

SECOND PLACE: "From Stout to Lite"
Rob Knowlton, Denver, Colorado

THIRD PLACE: "Lager, not larger"
Ujjal Kohli, Saratoga, California


"Heinie Kind"
Jeff R. Patterson, Nashville, Tennessee

"The Oktoberfast Diet"
Pierre Nizet, Santa Barbara, California

"This Bod's for You"
Michael Grossman, San Dimas, California

"Get Your Six-Pack from a Six-Pack"
Ivan Kershner, Salem, South Carolina

"Fat Tire to Stud Light"
MacKenzie Ward, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"'40' Days and '40' Nights"
Thomas Mistele, Flemington, New Jersey

"Wasted, but Slim-Waisted"
Krista Primrose, Zionsville, Indiana

"Pull Tabs to Abs in 40 Days"
Nancy House, Nashville, Tennessee

"Yeast and Famine Diet"
Curtis Nungesser, Highland, Illinois

"The South Busch Diet"
Greg Mistele, Peapack, New Jersey

"Micro-Brew for a Micro-You"
Frank Roach, Williamsburg, Massachusetts

"The More Brew Less You Diet"
Susan Wehrspann, Denver, Colorado