This week's question: The Rolling Stones have found an age-appropriate sponsor for their current North American tour: a trade association that promotes the sale of annuities. If Mick Jagger, 75, and his bandmates were to write a song about the importance of financial planning for seniors, what title could they give the track?

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THE WINNER: "Gimme Tax Shelter"
Paul Anderson, Franklin, Tennessee

SECOND PLACE: "Compound Interest (Time Is on My Side)"
Lidia Zidik, Reading, Pennsylvania

THIRD PLACE: "Let's Spend the REIT Together"
Steve Batdorf, Grand Rapids, Michigan


"Waiting on a Dividend"
Bill Mistele, New City, New York

"Under My Funds"
Jeff Ludwig, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

"Let's Spend It Right Together"
Mary Jo Astrachan, Oneida, New York

"Sympathy for the Decimal"
Kevin Burt, St. Petersburg, Florida

"Get Off of My Dow"
Joe Frank, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Jumpin' Cash Back"
Merrill Millman, Crystal Lake, Illinois

"Start Me Up (With a 401K)"
Janine Witte, New Hope, Pennsylvia

"Wall Street Fighting Man"
Doug Lindberg, Bradenton, Florida

"It's Only Rock 'n Rollover"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Have You Seen Your Broker, Baby?"
Doug Johnston, Erie, Pennsylvania

"Don't Be Exiled from Wall Street"
Ken Kellam III, Dallas

"Ain't Too Proud to Save"
Tim Mistele, Coral Gables, Florida

"Paint It in the Black"
Laurel Rose, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Investin' Jack's Cash"
Darren Jarrett, John's Creek, Georgia

"Waiting on a Mutual Fund"
Kathy Logan, Alameda, California

"Pumping Back Cash"
Darren Oustafine, Norwalk, Connecticut

"Annuity: Too Proud to Beg"
Suzanne Brooks, Quechee, Vermont

"Paint It Green"
Catherine Pomiecko, Natick, Massachusetts

"Gimme Sheltered Income"
Laurel Wroten, Petaluma, California