Late Night Tackles Election Hacking
June 20, 2019

President Trump's loyalty to Fox News "is the closest thing he's ever had to a monogamous relationship, but his marriage to Fox must be growing stale, because last week he cheated on them with ABC's chief news sprite George Stephanopoulos," Samantha Bee said on Wednesday's Full Frontal. But "while Trump is openly saying that he thinks it's fine for foreign powers to meddle with our elections, the Senate is making sure there's nothing standing in the way of a good meddle." Well, one senator in particular.

"Of course Mitch McConnell is blocking election security bills, just like he spent years stalling health aid for 9/11 first responders," Bee said. "McConnell's so good at blocking things he's like the kidney stone of the Senate," or "the dry rot of Democracy. If our institutions seem like they're on the verge of crumbling, Mitch is the guy who gnawed away at the foundations." But "McConnell's awfulness gets only a fraction of the attention Trump's awfulness gets," she said, and that's not right.

Bee walked through McConnell's Senate history, from moderate Republican to the dull "genius" who weaponized the filibuster. Thanks to his unprecedented filibustering of President Barack Obama's judicial nominations, she said, "at least 89 judgeships that were President Obama's constitutional right and duty to fill have instead been filled by President Trump. We'll be feeling the consequences of that for decades. In 2050, when my granddaughter gets jailed by Judge Kid Rock for brewing bathtub Plan B, she will have McConnell to thank." And yes, she covered Merrick Garland.

Long before McConnell "was blocking efforts to secure the 2020 election, he was blocking efforts to secure the 2016 election," Bee said. "He made us go soft on Russia because his side was benefitting. I'd ask how he can show his face after betraying America like that, but honestly, I've also wondered how he showed his face before he did that." Along with insult comedy there's also NSFW language. Peter Weber

March 21, 2018

"Does anybody here use Facebook? Still?" Stephen Colbert asked on Tuesday's Late Show, noting that the world's biggest social network is in hot water over the unauthorized harvesting of the private information of 50 million American users by Cambridge Analytica, President Trump's campaign contractor — and also "the scientific name for John Oliver."

"Now, people are blaming Facebook for this because they handed over all your data willingly," Colbert said. "It's less like they're a bank that got robbed at gunpoint and more like a bank that just gave bank robbers your money because that's their business model — but now you can't quit the bank because your whole family is at the bank, and also the bank is where you get to see if your high school friends got fat." Now seems to be a good time for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to weigh in with some damage control, he added, but so far, crickets.

But Cambridge Analytica is in hot water, too, especially as Britain's Channel 4 released the second part of its undercover report on Tuesday, focusing on their central role in electing Trump. "Wow, so it was their meticulous data and analytics that informed Trump's strategy of 'wear hat, yell about wall,'" Colbert said skeptically — and then in disbelief: "Wait, they made up 'Crooked Hillary'? Coming up with demeaning nicknames was the one skill we knew Trump had!" He also had some fun with Cambridge Analytica's assertion that the candidates they serve are always the "puppet," presumably including Trump: "Since he's a puppet, no wonder he has to use two hands to pick up a glass of water." Watch below. Peter Weber

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