Late Night Tackles the Space Force
August 10, 2018

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence gave a solemn speech about President Trump's Space Force, and late-night TV hosts could barely stop laughing. "That was not a scene from a movie, that was real," Jimmy Kimmel said on Thursday's Kimmel Live. "This Space Force is actually happening! They've got plans, they're finding money, Michael Bay is on board to direct the whole thing." Pence "was somehow able to make an announcement about interspace boring," he said, but Kimmel Live spiced up the clip a bit.

Trump suggested six adorable Space Force logos, but Kimmel said it "should just be a picture of money being shredded and thrown at the moon. I will say, I respect President Trump for taking this joke as far as he has. He has really committed. Imagine if he did this all as a prank on Mike Pence." He guesses Trump may have come up with the idea from an actual 1980s TV show called Space Force, and its star, Fred Willard, beamed on to Kimmel's set to join in the mockery.

"We finally learned about the Space Force chain of command, according to Trump — it will go E.T., Yoda, then Groot," Jimmy Fallon chuckled on The Tonight Show. "At a few points during his Space Force speech, Mike Pence was kind of talking like an alien," he added, with clips.

And like Kimmel and Stephen Colbert, Fallon was so tickled by Trump's "Space Force all the way!" tweet, he used it to end a Trump-tweet freestyle with The Roots.

Finally, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah said he could get exited about the Space Force, but not like Pence described it. "When Trump talks about Space Force, he makes it sound like we're going to be on a rocket riding to the moon," shooting space aliens, he said. "Mike Pence makes it sound like actual space," empty, dull, and sexless. Watch below. Peter Weber

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