out the door
November 9, 2018

When former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was forced out of the Trump administration this week, he never even heard from President Trump himself.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday it was White House Chief of Staff John Kelly who called Sessions on Wednesday telling him he had to resign immediately. The phone call came before noon, and before Trump had begun his post-midterms press conference, though Trump didn't announce the news on Twitter until that afternoon.

But Sessions would never end up hearing from Trump at all. "Neither Mr. Trump nor Vice President Mike Pence called him to thank him for his service," the Journal notes. CNN reported that Sessions asked if he could at least stay on until Friday but was told he needed to leave immediately.

Sessions also told the Journal that he stands by his decision to recuse himself from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, a decision that Trump spent almost every week fuming about. “No one is above supervision,” said Sessions, who by recusing himself had been following the advice of his ethics officers. In conclusion, Sessions, who spent months on end being publicly mocked by a president who privately gave him the nickname Mr. Magoo, said that "we've had a good run" and "it's been an adventure." Read more at The Wall Street Journal. Brendan Morrow

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