spooky season
October 24, 2019

Come little children and get thee a Disney+ account, because Hocus Pocus is finally getting a sequel.

Just in time for Halloween, word has broken that the long-rumored sequel to the cultishly beloved 1993 film is in development, with plans for the movie to eventually debut on the new streaming service. Disney also hopes to bring back original stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, so let's hope they all still remember how to drive stick. Read more at Deadline. Scott Meslow

October 18, 2019

Having spent much of his career living in Maine (and writing about scary stuff happening in it), Stephen King is moving to the second spookiest state in America: Flooooooridaaaaa.

In preparation for the move, the author has received approval to re-zone his famous home in Maine as a nonprofit, which will serve as both a museum for King's archive and a retreat for up to five writers. And if you're thinking "five writers staying at Stephen King's mansion" sounds like a great setup for a horror novel, you should probably apply for a residency. Read more at People. Scott Meslow

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