the perils of dating
July 19, 2018

He steals your heart, then he steals your car.

On Saturday, Faith Pugh was ready for a night out in Memphis with one of her old high school classmates, Kelton Griffin, who contacted her out of the blue. When he showed up at her house, he didn't have a car, and asked if they could take her Volvo. "I don't know who dropped him off," she told WREG. "He just got dropped off." Griffin said he was still trying to decide where to take her, and asked if she'd run inside a convenience store to get him a cigar. She did, and when Pugh came back outside, Griffin — and her car — were gone.

Now without a ride, she called her mom, and after getting picked up, Pugh received a text from her godsister, who told her she was on a date — with Griffin. Pugh told WREG they used GPS on her godsister's phone in order to track them, and they wound up at a drive-in movie theater, where Pugh confronted Griffin on his second date of the night. She called police, and Griffin was arrested at the scene.

While Griffin was willing to steal a car to go on this date, that's as far as he would go. "He let her drive, so she drove him to the drive-in," Pugh said. "He didn't even have any money. She actually paid their way to get in the drive-in just so I could get my car back." Catherine Garcia

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